Pride Mobility Colt Deluxe Mobility Scooter



6 mph Pride Colt Deluxe
Up to 14 miles range
Vinyl seat with swivel
28 stone user weight
Front and rear suspension
Breaks down for transport
Length – 118.75cm
Width – 56.5cm

Price:  €3500

The Pride Mobility Colt Deluxe 6 mph mobility scooter bridges the gap between the excellent range of Pride 4 mph mobilty scooters and the bigger, high-performance 8 mph mobility scooter range.

The Colt Deluxe has a 6mph motor so it will get you moving with much less effort than the more standard scooters, and it enjoys many of the features of the bigger machines whilst maintaining very compact dimensions.

This all means that the Colt Deluxe offers you the best of both worlds in many respects. With a maximum user weight of 28 stones and a potential range of 14 miles, the Colt Deluxe may well be the scooter for you.

Pride Mobility Colt Sport Mobility Scooter




8 mph Pride Mobility Colt Sport Mobility Scooter
21 miles maximum range
Reclining, Folding Captain Seat
Full suspension system
Impressive 25 stone weight capacity
Top quality manufacture

Price:  €3000

The Pride Mobility Colt Sport Mobility Scooter delivers all of the features and performance that you expect from a high-end 8mph scooter, in a more compact design and arguably better all round value.

The Colt Sport has the fundamental features that most class 3 scooters have, that is 8mph performance, front and rear suspension, a comfortable Captains seat, a handbrake, and large wheels. It is equipped with lights and indicators at the front and rear but it comes in a class-leading compact design at just 47" long and 23.6" total width. 

The maximum user weight is 25 stone and the potential range is over 20 miles, so the Colt Sport should not leave you wanting more.